Who We Are

Chron Construction Consulting LLC is a consulting firm providing professional consulting services to the Insurance Industry, General Business Community, Legal Profession in the technical assistance of claims and dispute resolutions. 


We deliver engineering expertise for homeowners, business owners, facility managers – all types of clients and building projects of all sizes.

We have continued to strive for development of loyalty, support, trust and confidence from our clients in our service with worldwide construction industry experience. 

Our Mission

Deliver engineer expertise for claims and projects of all size

Offer highly educated engineers, architects and other professionalists who are experienced in analyzing and evaluating the cause, origin of property damage, fires, failures and disputes. 

Chron is dedicated to helping people understand their buildings through inspection and consulting services


Provide practical, economical solutions for all building systems



Our Values

We are passionate in how we serve our Clients.

We embrace responsiveness, efficiency,
and personable interaction.


We believe in giving to our Community.


We value teamwork, innovation, and continuous


We Seek a Fair Profit.


We respect Clients, Vendors and Each Other.


We strive to deliver excellence.

Civil and Structural Engineering

  • Foundation and Basement Wall Failures

  • Commercial Roofing Investigations

  • Retaining Wall Failures

  • Hurricanes and Flood

  • Blasting and Vibration

  • Steel-Frame Construction Failures

  • Truss Failures​

  • Water Infiltration and Mold

  • Wood-Frame Construction

Mechanical Engineering

  • Plumbing and Piping Systems

Electrical Engineering

  • Fire Causation

  • Lightning Damage

  • Low- and High-Voltage Damage